Voxi Bärenklau, Director of Photography and Stage Lighting Design


Die Borderline Prozession
Ein Loop um das, was uns trennt

The Borderline Procession
A loop on what divides us

by Kay Voges, Dirk Baumann und Alexander Kerlin

“Megalomaniac and grand, inspiring and overwhelming at the same time (…). This performance is definitely setting a new standard for theater aesthetics in the digital age.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"This is visionary theater! Those who miss it, miss something!"

Now! 23 actors, an inhabited house with ten rooms, a roof terrace, a jacuzzi, a garage and a guarded front. In front of it a mysterious car park with an abandoned Plymouth Voyager Van: An Inside and an Outside, sharply divided by a concrete wall topped by barbed wire. Inside the house and outside on the parking lot: the synchronicity of the contrasting - countless scenes with more than 50 characters. Life in all its facets: birth and death, laughter and tragedy, love and politics, action and standstill, hope and despair, arrival and looking away longing for leave – eruptions of violence and the sweet temper of peace.

Around the house, a procession runs, following a camera like a sanctuary. The camera grants the people an insight into the poetry of everyday life, the mercilessness of crisis and the holiness of redemption: There is the man cutting onions. The couple preparing for sleep. The woman at the kiosk. The lonely bride. The sad man at the barbell bench. The young man waiting for the bus. The new mum. The war veteran. In short: People inside the house – and those in front of the door. Thoughts, images and music from 5000 years of cultural history. What is it that still holds the whole damn creation and all of its individual parts together?
Die Borderline Prozession: This is sensational musical theater, a meditation about borders and a mash-up of iconographies. A performance run by more than 30 participating artists about the complexity of the world and the provoking simplicity of birth and death – something between visual arts, theater, film and liturgy. Developed for the MEGASTORE in Dortmund.
From the creators of DAS GOLDENE ZEITALTER – 100 Wege dem Schicksal die Show zu stehlen (2013) and DIE SHOW (2015).
Actors: Paulina Alpen, Amelie Barth, Andreas Beck, Carl Bruchhäuser, Raafat Daboul, Ekkehard Freye, Frank Genser, Caroline Hanke, Christoph Jöde, Thomas Kaschel, Marlena Keil, Nils Kretschmer, Anja Kunzmann, Bettina Lieder, Eva Verena Müller, Lorenz Nolting, Uwe Rohbeck, Uwe Schmieder, Julia Schubert, Friederike Tiefenbacher, David Vormweg, Merle Wasmuth, Michael Wischniowski

Director: Kay Voges
Director of Photography: Voxi Bärenklau
Stage Design: Michael Sieberock-Serafimowitsch
Costume Design: Mona Ulrich
Composition / Live-Music: T. D. Finck von Finckenstein
Video-Art / Live-Cutter: Mario Simon
Live-Camera: Jonas Schmieta
Dolly Grib: Tobias Hoeft
Live-Sampling: Joscha Richard
Dramaturgy: Dirk Baumann, Alexander Kerlin
Light Design: Sibylle Stuck
Sound: Jörn Michutta, Andreas Sülberg
Coding: Lucas Pleß

Trailer: Mario Simon

Website: theaterdo.de/detail/event/16826/