Voxi Bärenklau, Director of Photography and Stage Lighting Design

HELL/EIN AUGENBLICK - Theater Dortmund - Trailer (short version)

hell / ein augenblick
bright / a moment

by Kay Voges & Ensemble

"Kay Voges and his team continue their series of innovative experiments of perception (…) The production is technically perfect, the pictures are beautiful, the texts are intuitive."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"A bravura piece - a theatrical happening that will resonate for a long time."
Ruhr Nachrichten

Kay Voges and his team approach another new theatre adventure: the performance "hell / ein Augenblick" ("bright | a moment") is the artistic continuation of "Das Goldene Zeitalter" and "Die Borderline Prozession". This time, the borders of theatre and the art of photography are explored. Brightness and darkness swap their seats, the stage transforms into a giant darkroom which is just occasionally illuminated by a flashes of light: one-fiftieth of a second of light creates images in front of the audience, and lets them vanish again. Actors, live-photographer and light: The performance questions the relations of image, reflection and the transcience of the moment: Can moments of present be saved forever? "hell / ein Augenblick" presents poetics of photography, of images and light and of the people on the stage. It's a wistfully beautiful meditation on the only constant in life of which we can be really sure: transcience.

Director: Kay Voges
Stage Design: Pia Maria Mackert
Costume Design: Michael Sieberock-Serafimowitsch, Vanessa Rust
Composition & Live-Arrangement: T.D. Finck von Finckenstein
Live-Photography: Marcel Schaar
Light-Design: Voxi Bärenklau
Live-Word-Sampling: Daniel Brandl
Editor: Mario Simon
Light: Sibylle Stuck
Sound: Gertfried Lammersdorf, Andreas Sülberg
Additional Engineering: Lucas Pleß
Dramaturgy: Dirk Baumann, Alexander Kerlin, Anne-Kathrin Schulz

Actors: Andreas Beck, Raafat Daboul, Ekkehard Freye, Björn Gabriel, Frank Genser, Caroline Hanke, Marlena Keil, Bettina Lieder, Carlos Lobo, Uwe Rohbeck, Marcel Schaar, Uwe Schmieder, Julia Schubert, Yaroslava Sydorenko, Friederike Tiefenbacher, Merle Wasmuth

Trailer: Mario Simon

Website: theaterdo.de/detail/event/hell-brein-augenblickbr/